Latest EP just Released!

 Well, the wait is over and the EP, Makin' Tracks,  is finished!

This is a collaboration project between myself as The Beer Barbs and the very talented Allegheny Ramblers of West Virginia.
The Allegheny Ramblers
How did we record this? One track at a time. I would send a click track outlining the song along with a lyric chord sheet and they would send back their individual parts one track at a time. It was like Christmas morning every time I'd open a new track and listen to what they came up with. I then carefully arranged, layered, snipped and added tracks until we were all happy. I learned a lot along the way about track prep and mixing. And , yes, there was a few start overs and re-dos. I'm sure others, with more experience and skill, would have done better but we all have to start somewhere. Doing the EP the way we did gave us the luxury of time... no studio time clock ticking away the $$$$'s EP is available NOW to purchase on CDBaby