Who Are They?

The Beer Barbs is a virtual band for the recording studio. (Did you notice that’s all me in the picture? Well, if you have split personalities, might as well put them all to work….I’m just sayin’…)

I have my own little studio, where I paint and record. I’ve been writing my own songs for a couple of years now and have collaborated with fellow musicians on a few projects. The most recent collaboration was with The Allegheny Ramblers on a the EP, “Makin’ Tracks” released through CDBaby on August 20, 2017. The EP is available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify…

Barbara Anne is the lead singer/songwriter playing the banjo. She’s the leader of the gang and keeps them moving forward. (Most sane of the personalities)

Barbara Jean is the drummer and the lowest voice. She’s no-nonsense and determined.

Barbara Joe is the guitar player and alto voice. She’s the down to earth, fun loving country girl.

Barbara Sue is the middle voice and keyboardist. She’s the free spirit.

Finally, Barbara May is the first soprano and plays the tin whistle. She thinks she’s the cat’s meow.